The Diary of Anne Frank

A total of sixty Northwestern students attended a matinee performance of The Diary of Anne Frank at the Avon Theatre on Wednesday, June 3.
The design and movement of the set alone is worth the price of admission. The wooden slats that enfold the secret annex are maneuvered with ease, producing tables, beds, cupboards,
doors and more, much like a giant game of Tetris.  Of course the story is still profound and heartrending.  Opening the performance with each actor sharing a personal story allowed
the audience to begin empathizing instantly.  The precocious nature of Anne Frank is captured early and maintained throughout, lending a light tone to the ominous situation.  There is
also a good balance between the frustration, fear and hope experienced by the various characters. The play closes with Otto Frank on stage alone, filling in some of the gaps
remaining after the family is captured.  Any time an old man gets choked up, I do too, and this was no exception. If you have the chance to see The Diary of Anne Frank this year, take it!”
~ Ms. Stears
Crew2 Hamzeh

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