Social Media Evening for Parents: March 2

Stratford Police Service, in partnership with Stratford Northwestern, Stratford Central, and St Michael Catholic Secondary School, is pleased to offer an opportunity to the parents of secondary students to learn more about social media . The speaker for the evening will be Ashley Sametz, a threat intelligence professional working for the York Regional Police Service.

Ashley Sametz is an expert in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and how it is being used in ways (both knowingly and unknowingly) that impact criminal activity. During her career, she has witnessed a lot of incidents where young people misuse social networking technology in ways that can have lifelong consequences. Whether it’s a criminal charge or a damaged reputation, the effects are far-reaching and often never considered in advance.

Her presentation is equal parts social media no-no’s and a bit of a show-and- tell about what she (or anyone) can find out about you online – IF you aren’t careful. Additionally, she uses a lot of real-life examples of people saying / posting things online that end up having criminal consequences – sexting, online bullying, hate crime, etc.

When:   March 2, 2017
Where:  The Drama room at Stratford Northwestern, 428 Forman Ave, Stratford
Time:     7:00 pm


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