Senior History trip to Western

The CHW3M course is the study of ancient civilizations in history.
It has always been a struggle to find expertise in this subject that doesn’t involve heading on a four hour field trip (and that is without traffic) to Toronto on the yellow rocket.
So a few years ago, I typed out a request to the good people at the Social Sciences Department at the University of Western Ontario, to see if they could provide a programme which would complement our study of ancient history.

And to my surprise they not only replied but were eager to share their university experience and to speak to my students about their love and expertise in the the fields of anthropology and archaeology.

We had sessions on stone tools, early Newfoundland ceramics (circa 1500), animal remains, primates and diseases, biological anthropology, (the study of skeletal disease), sociocultural anthropology, (body modifications in Ethiopia), and finished off the day exploring the legacy of Lady Hudson, an Egyptian mummy that now resides at Western.

These grad students make me look like a rock star!

Despite the bitterly cold temperatures on our 45 minute travel to London, it continues to be the best trip of my semester.

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