Mr. Ritsma 2011Welcome to Huskie Territory.  I am so proud to extend this welcome to you as Principal of Stratford Northwestern.  To those students joining this amazing family and school community, I can remember the same curiosity and apprehension that you will have when I began as a student at Northwestern in 1972.

I can assure you that Northwestern will quickly become your new home and that there are so many staff and students willing to support you and get you started.

This is a great school!  A school where your future careers, goals and dreams all can begin to develop.  Our staff does an amazing job preparing students for apprenticeships, college, university and the world of work.  In addition, beyond the classroom we offer the highest quality programs in drama, music and athletics.  Remember that whatever you want to be it can all start here!

Don’t regret your time spent at Northwestern!  Get involved in all the daily activities in ‘Huskie Territory’.  There are so many clubs, organizations and teams to join.  Take advantage of these opportunities; they will broaden your horizons, shape your character, and create lifelong memories.

Have a great year!  Be proud to wear your garnet and grey!

Proud to be a Huskie!

Martin Ritsma

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