March 30, 2017: Literacy Test (OSSLT)

Grade 10 students across Ontario will write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) on March 30th, 2017. In order to graduate from high school, students must successfully meet the literacy requirement assessed by the OSSLT.

What will other students do that day?

Students in grades seven, eight, and nine, will have regular classes.

Students in grades eight and nine will have an opportunity to learn about the Literacy Test and an opportunity to write a practice test.

Students in grade eleven and twelve will not have classes in the morning while the test is being written. They will have regular classes in the afternoon.

Why don’t students in grades eleven and twelve have classes in the morning?

We try to keep the school as quiet as possible during the test. Also, the test requires a change in classrooms as well as a change in supervision and support.

Will the busing schedule stay the same?

Buses will run at their usual times. Students in grades eleven and twelve can use the library for quiet study purposes if they must catch the bus and come to school in the morning.

Why do students in grades eight and nine practice for the literacy test on this day?

The school uses the results of the practice to help students improve. We can use the results to determine which students might need extra help to be ready for the real test. Literacy skills take time and work to acquire. The information students and teachers get from the practice activities help us target our literacy work in grades eight, nine, and ten. The practice test also helps students understand what will be expected of them in the future and helps them feel prepared.

How long is the test?

Students write two ‘booklets’ with a break and snack in between. This takes just under three hours total.

My child has an Individual Education Plan. Will he/she have accommodations?

Yes. Students with individual education plans receive accommodations.

You can learn more about the test and check out sample online tests at

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