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For the past 8 years, Rob James has been getting photos of championship teams and athletes of the year plaqued and hung on our walls outside the gym. However there are some pictures that we still need. If anyone has any of the photos listed below, would they please call Rob James at the school 271-9740 or send an email to: robjame@fc.amdsb.ca

1978 Girls Huron-Perth Curling Champions
1982 Midget Boys Basketball H-P Champs
1982 Wrestling Team Champions H-P
1988 Jr. Boys Football Champs H-P
1993 Jr. Boys Rugby
1995 Jr. Boys Rugby
1998 Jr. Boys Rugby
1999 Mid. Boys Rugby
2000 overall tennis champs
2002 Jr. Boys Rugby

Athletes of the year:
1970-71 Diane Gatenby and John Bakelar
1975-76 Donna Skinner and Gary Shaw
1977-78 Eleanor Skinner and Willie Van Klooster
1980-81 Illya Koch and Ralph Ritsma
1982-83 Sue Kipfer and Dave Gera

Rob James

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