Husky apprentices

Stratford Northwestern held an OYAP Group Apprenticeship Signing on June 13th in the SERC Library.  9 students from Northwestern officially signed apprenticeships through OYAP, and will be transitioning straight from secondary school into the apprenticeship pathway. Group signings allow students, employers and parents to get the low down on the apprenticeship process from Ministry and Board level experts.  They also serve to highlight what a great achievement this is for students in our Cooperative Education Program.

These 9 students below are part of the 20 students Northwestern’s Coop program has facilitated apprenticeships for this school year.Apprentices signed on June 12th include:

Michael Schlotzhauer – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic – Buchanan & Hall

Shane Visser – General Machinist – Perth Precision

Randy Dewar – Tool and Die Maker – Industrial Hydraulics and Machines

Sammi Roes – Electrician – Construction & Maintenance – Poole Electric

Tyler Dykeman – Welder – Steelcraft

Doug Hatch – Lift Truck Technician – Lift Depot

Jaxon Hyde – General Machinist – Little Lakes Machine & Tool

Cole Arand – General Carpenter – Ironwood Construction

Braydon Kennedy – Brick and Stone Mason – Jeffrey Custom Masonry

Michael Schlotzhauer & Joel Anderson – Buchanan & Hall
Michael Eckhardt – Little Lakes Machine & Tool, Jaxon Hyde & Cathie Riddell (Coop Teacher)