Edge of Walton Challenge Course

Our Grade Nine Boys Physical Education classes recently attended an outdoor education excursion to “Edge of Walton Challenge Course” in Walton, ON with their teacher Mr. Johnson.  Students were offered a myriad of challenging opportunities to “step out of their comfort zones” using innovative activities like low and high ropes climbing, balancing, archery, obstacle courses and tight rope walking.  Under the guise of playing, students developed self-confidence,
effective listening and leadership skills through their various challenges.  Students also developed the ability to be a smart risk-taker all while having fun and promoting physical activity and team bonding.  Grade nine student Jacob Heaney said “this is the best field trip that I have ever been on”.  Jacob is one of many students who conquered their fears through successfully climbing nearly 40 feet to the top of the “Crows Nest”, with his fellow students and facilitators “belaying” his safety rope and offering words of encouragement from the ground.  Students experienced individual and team challenges and growth, and left with impressions that will continue to ripple through their daily lives long after they’ve left the site.

The Edge of Walton Challenge Course excursion was facilitated by Rob Bundy and Mark Perrin (formerly known as “Above the Falls Challenge Course” when it was located near Goderich prior to 2015).

High Tower Tom Temming cellebrates accent to Crows Nest

Balance Walk High Tower 2 Group Photo Initiative Task - Low wall Obstacle Course

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