Danny MacMondays

The Stratford Northwestern Secondary School baseball team as well as the iCASE (International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence)
baseball players participated in one of their “Danny Mac Mondays” (fitness and conditioning) at SERC with former Blue Jay trainer Dan McIntosh. Dan is the owner and operator of his local Stratford business – “McIntosh- MSPAR – Sports, Performance, and Rehabilitation” where he takes athletes of all levels through sport-specific group or one-on-one training, rehabilitation, athletic therapy and concussion management.
Dan took the players through an informative and challenging series of baseball specific warm-ups, dynamic stretches, core, power and speed circuits, while at the same time educated the athletes on the anatomy and physiology of injury prevention in baseball.

Dan was a trainer for the Blue Jays for 6 years. His duties included monitoring strength and conditioning programs and injury prevention and rehabilitation of players. He helped develop many of the current Blue Jay players and often worked with Major League Players who were sent to Florida on a rehab stint. In March of 2013, Dan made the difficult decision to walk away from professional sports for the exciting opportunity to open his own business and to start his family close to his hometown of St. Marys. Dan is also currently working with the Stratford Cullitons as the team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Therapist. We are fortunate to have someone with Dan’s expertise and vast experience as a community partner.

core warm-up and stretch

Dan McIntosh taking the players through a dynamic core warm-up and stretch


iCASE founder/president Tom Valcke (red shirt at front left) and Dan McIntosh (front right) chatting with the team prior to the workout/practice


Dan McIntosh (white hat) demonstrating an elastic exercise band drill for power

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