Cape Dorset, Nunavut

Between April 20th – April 27th students from Stratford Northwestern and six other schools across the AMDSB traveled to Cape Dorset, Nunavut to participate in the first half of an exchange with students from Peter Pitseolak School. While in Cape Dorset, the Ontario team climbed and ice berg, shared cooking skills, connected through team leadership activities, explored the arctic tundra and spent many hours connecting with our new friends from the north.

The students from Cape Dorset followed our gang south and visited us from May 20th – May 26th. The Peter Pitseolak School gang experienced a variety of farms, many for the first time. They also made the trek to Toronto where they visited the CN Tower, and the Hockey Hall of Fame and then journeyed down the highway to Niagara Falls. They also swam, swam, swam and swam – there’s no pool in Cape Dorset.

The exchange was incredible! Each participant walked away with a greater understanding of Canada and the diversity that makes us wonderful as a nation. We also made lifelong friends – the greatest prize of the whole experience.

CapeDorsetvisits Stratford to Nunavut

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