Cape Dorset

From May 1-8, 2017, students from Northwestern had the unique opportunity to travel to the community of Cape Dorset in Nunavut to participate in an exchange with students from Peter Pitseolak School. After a bus ride to Ottawa, a flight to Iqaluit, then another flight to Cape Dorset, they finally arrived. Here they were welcomed into the community by their “twins” and participated in many amazing new experiences such as a hike Apalutuk Park to the Arctic ice floe, a visit to the world famous West Baffin Co-Operative with Dorset fine arts, listening to stories and throat singing from the elders, participating in Inuit Games, a day trip by snowmobile or qamutik to Fish Lake for Arctic Char, attempting a climb of Kinngait Mountain and spending many hours with our new northern friends. This incredible experience helped our students develop a greater understanding of diverse Canadian cultures and made some awesome new friends along the way!
On Monday, May 15th thru to May 22nd, our Cape Dorset “twins” are visiting NWSS and a number of activities are lined up for our northern friends, such are Wonderland, Niagara Falls, visiting local farms, preparing food together at the Stratford Chef school and lots of more fun events.
Photos by Mary Alice Arms.

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