Athletic Banquet

Our annual athletic banquet was held on May 29. Congratulations to the award winners and all athletes and coaches for a great year!

Northwestern 2014-15 Athletic MVP’s

Tennis— Ryan Lay
Golf—- Dan McRoberts
Cross Country—- Adam Skinner and Joanne Marshall
Girls Field Hockey—- Emi Sugimoto
Sr. Boys Volleyball—- Steven King
Jr. Boys Volleyball—- Ryan Lay and Tommy Jones
Sr. Girls Basketball—- Janice Louwagie
Jr. Girls Basketball—- Tessa Deighton

Curling—– Ryan Schwartzentruber
Nordic—- Adam Skinner and Joanne Marshall
Girls hockey—- Tali Calder and Brianna Glosnek
Boys hockey— Dan Deighton and Zachary Ernest
Wrestling—- Daniel Bald
Swimming—- Noah Redfern-Lount and Kylie Coffey
Sr. Boys basketball— Garrett James
Jr. Boys basketball— Tyreese Harrison and Ryan Lay
Sr. Girls volleyball— Jenn Murray and Jamie Simpson
Jr. Girls volleyball— Tessa Deighton and Alexa Horne

Sr. Boys soccer—- Steven King and Leo Delefortrie
Jr. Boys soccer— Eric Ross
Sr. Girls soccer— Kenzie Chambers and Hannah Bush
Girls Rugby— Back: Dana Pugh Forward: Rachael McDougall
Sr. Boys Rugby— Back: Daniel Bald Forward: Joel MacDonald
Jr. Boys Rugby— Back: Dorian Redfern Forward: Jaris Marriott
Track and Field— Garrett James, Sam Knechtel, Adam Skinner
Emma Kestle, Taylor Broughton, Jordyn Riehl
Boys Hard Ball— Brody Higgs and Liam Kelly

Most Dedicated-— Robble Diehl
Most promising grade 9s—–
girls: Nicole Crowley, Olivia Nafziger, Angela Walmsley
boys: Andrew Maquire, Max Britton, Zach Otto

OFSAA Awards
Coach: Andrew Wybrow
Female: McKenna Feltz
Male: Steven King
Most outstanding athletes
Female: Kenzie Chambers
Male: Garrett James and Daniel Bald

Photos by Mrs. Hurst-Foster

2015-AthleticBanquet5 Daniel Bald

Coach Hurst-Foster, Daniel Bald, Coach Finnie

2015-AthleticBanquet1 2015-AthleticBanquet2 2015-AthleticBanquet3 2015-AthleticBanquet4

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