Athletic Banquet award winners

Congratulations to our Husky athletes who were celebrated at the NWSS Athletic Banquet!

Northwestern Athletic MVPs 2018-2019


Sr. Boys Volleyball- Jason Guy 
Jr. Boys Volleyball- Justin Crowley 
Sr. Girls Basketball- Tatum James 
Jr. Girls Basketball- Kiera Cole-Sallows 
Xcountry- Makayla Gerich 
Golf- Jacob Rauser 
Tennis Player- Marcus Nicholson and Michael Vandewiel Girls Field Hockey- Caelyn Bender and Abby Gatschene Boys Baseball- Keegan McArthur and Riley Deline

Sr. Boys Basketball- Jason Guy 
Jr. Boys Basketball- Michael Pauli 
Wrestler- Reeve Houle 
Sr. Girls Volleyball- Nicolle Crowley 
Jr. Girls Volleyball- Hanna Witschi and Lucia Lopez Nordic Skiing- Jonathan Koot Swimmer- Emma Gaffney-Ladd and Nicole Dunn 
Boys Ice Hockey- Jarod Fleming 
Girls Ice Hockey- Bry Baker 
Curler- Nathan McDougall and Anna Dunn

Rugby Girls- Forward- Savannah Hoover 
Back- Olivia Griffin 
Rugby Jr. Boys Forward- Reid Forthuber 
Back- Jackson Nickel 
Rugby Sr. Boys Forward- Neil Trainor 
Back- Everett Hawkins 
Badminton- Jr. Carter Stock and Nathan McDougall 
Sr. Michael Vandewiel and Emily McNeil 
Girls Baseball- Kaeley Dunseith 
Sr. Girls Soccer- Payton Dias and Tatum James Jr. Boys Soccer- Matt Mitsovich 
Sr. Boys Soccer- Connor Otto and Acato Hernandez Girls Track and Field- Tatum James, Makayla Roy, Kelly Guy, Clara Roth 
Boys Track and Field- Andrew Maguire, Carter Stock, Jackson Nickel, and Nathaniel Weber

Most Promising Grade 9 Girl- Sophia Rothernel 
Most Promising Grade 9 Boy- Cody Huehnergard and Javier Ramirez Lopez 
Most Dedicated Athlete- AJ Schmidt

OFSAA Awards- 
Maria Giannakopoulos, Rhys Britton and Chris Halliwell, Rob Collings

Most Outstanding Female Athlete- Tatum James

Most Outstanding Male Athlete- Jason Guy and Michael Vandewiel

Photos by M. Stears